Member Spotlight

Member spotlight – Culinary ID Bands

Member since: 2021Product Category: Food Product Safety ManufacturerWebsite: I was a service technician for the restaurant industry. I noticed […]


Member spotlight – Renau

Member since: 2001Industry: Smallwares, cookware & kitchen toolsWebsite: Renau Electronic Laboratories was established by Karol Renau in 1981. Originally […]


Member spotlight – API TECH North America INC

Member since: 2022Industry: Pizza vending equipmentWebsite: API TECH was founded in 2004 outside Paris, but it wasn’t until 2013 […]


Member Spotlight – Centerpiece Software, Inc.

Member since: 2022Industry: Systems/Technology Integrators & ProvidersWebsite: I launched Centerpiece Software in July 2021 after working at a leading […]


Member Spotlight – Urschel

Member since: 2022Industry: Food Preparation EquipmentWebsite: Urschel was founded in 1910 in Valparaiso, Ind., by. inventor William Urschel, with […]


Member Spotlight – SIFIM

Member since: 2021Industry: Kitchen Exhaust/Ventilation FiltersWebsite: Our company was established in 1995 in Italy by a team of friends […]


Member spotlight – KCL

Member since: 1999Industry: Systems/Technology Integrators & ProviderWebsite: Kochman Consultants, Ltd., now known as KCL, was founded in 1985 by […]


Member spotlight – Crysalli Artisan Water Systems

Member since: 2014Industry: Beverage dispensing Website: Crysalli was founded in 2009. It started as a thesis report that founder […]


Member spotlight – Fri-jado Inc.

Member since: 2018Industry: Food preparation equipment; Primary cooking equipmentWebsite: 1937 Meeting folks from all over the world.. “We’re proud […]


Member spotlight – Norbec Systems Inc.

Member since: 2018Industry: Refrigeration & ice machinesWebsite: Established in 1982, Norbec began manufacturing walk-in coolers and heavy-duty insulated doors […]