Careers in foodservice

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NAFEM members and partners know how exciting and rewarding a career in the foodservice industry can be. If you’re thinking about going down this path, we’ve got the resources and information to steer you in the right direction. Our members are some of the biggest names in the industry – with rewarding opportunities in business development, customer service, design, engineering, finance, HR, IT, manufacturing, marketing or sales.

Bring your passion and skills to the foodservice equipment and supplies industry, and make an impact on lives and tastes around the world.

A taste of the industry

Savor the praise

“It’s the people that keep me in the industry. You get to work with so many diverse groups.”

-Sean Baker-Hewes, CFSP



Savor the praise

“Technology is changing the way we do things in every aspect of our business.”

-Kevin Fink, CFSP



Savor the praise

“Working with big brands is the best part of my job. Global brands with influence, recognized worldwide — great fulfillment from my standpoint.”

-Tim Crammer