Human Resources

HR in the Age of AI

Do you need help learning how to use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in order to remain competitive in the job market? Do you want to improve the experience job seekers have with your company before they are even hired? Would you like to streamline your HR processes with the help of artificial intelligence chatbots? If so, this is the course for you! In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the integration of AI has become crucial for organizational success. According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, AI-powered HR solutions have led to a remarkable 41% improvement in overall HR efficiency, a 31% reduction in employee turnover and an impressive 45% increase in employee productivity. Throughout a series of six short video-based lectures, we will help you understand the intersection of AI and HR, exploring its various applications in recruitment and selection, employee engagement, performance management, training and development, and workforce planning. Learn to: 
• Define artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for human resources 
• Examine the impact of AI on HR functions and processes 
• Identify why HR professionals should embrace AI in their work 
• Investigate case studies to identify the benefits of using AI in HR practices 
• Use statistics to demonstrate how to leverage AI for effective employee recruitment 
• Apply methods to develop strategies to incorporate AI into the company culture 
• Utilize strategies to evaluate the balance between AI benefits and potential biases in HR decision-making. 

Seat Time: 40 minutes

Employee Engagement Essentials

There’s no shortage of leadership education available today, which means we should all theoretically be amazing leaders. Yet survey after survey shows that most of us are disengaged at work, which means there must be something missing. Employee Engagement Essentials has been designed to supply that missing piece, approaching leadership in a new way that will make creating an engaged workforce easier than ever before. And it will do so with far more humor and entertainment than your typical training course. Learn to: 
• List the top 6 motivators for engaged employees, and how to provide each one of them to your people 
• Identify the two leadership styles you need to be practicing each and every day 
• List three sentences that will virtually guarantee an engaged workforce 
• Explain examples of how to do this all as easily and effectively as possible 

 Seat Time: 1 hour

Recruiting & Hiring Bundle

This three-part bundle includes three popular topics: 
Hiring or Retention Problem? 
Avoiding Common Recruiting Mistakes 
Behavioral Interviewing 
Do you have a hiring problem or a retention problem? Dive in to learn the difference and how to overcome both. Learn tips and tricks to avoid some of the most common recruiting and hiring mistakes and determine where you should look for your next new hire. Learn how to utilize behavioral interviewing techniques. 

Seat time: 21 minutes