Sales and Negotiation

Selling Essentials

Selling Essentials is a course created by Rapid Learning Institute® and provides an in-depth look at sales and negotiation strategies. You’ll learn sales training techniques using a micro-learning process that focuses on each specific skill in short five to seven-minute modules. Each skill is grounded in research on the science of influence, persuasion and interpersonal communication. This course includes the topic areas of prospecting, discovery & qualifying, presentations & communications, handling objectives, relationship building, closing, referrals and account management. Improve your sales results by changing specific behaviors. Selling Essentials engages, motivates and lasts.

Seat Time: 11+ hours comprised of 98 learning modules

Negotiation and Sales

This series of video courses asks you to neutralize conflict and pave the way to overcoming roadblocks that prevent you from reaching a resolution that all parties can agree to. Comprised of 11 sections ranging in length from four to 26 minutes, this bundle covers everything from mindset to strategy. It will help you look at the negotiation process in a whole new light and enable you to embrace it rather than fear it. Topics covered in the course bundle include: Introduction to Negotiating, Styles, Identifying Leverage, Reaching Agreement, and more.

Seat Time: 1 hour