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NAFEM is committed to expanding your knowledge of the foodservice E&S industry and enhancing your general business skills. Our learning management system is an online hub of courses designed to strengthen your expertise as a foodservice professional. Whether you’re involved with customer service, sales & negotiation or moving through the management track, there’s a foodservice education course for you.

If purchasing a course on behalf of an associate at your company, please ensure they have an account with NAFEM, before purchasing. Courses in the NAFEM Learning Center are meant for an individual’s use and track each individual’s learning progress.  If an account doesn’t exist, one may be created after adding the course(s) to the shopping cart.

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Interested in NAFEM’s CFSP designation?

The CFSP credential was established in 1987 and remains the most important industry certification for foodservice professionals. Today, NAFEM’s CFSP program helps raise the standards and quality of industry professionals by offering continuing development opportunities and special recognition.

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