Customer Service

Mastering Internal Customer Service and Using CARING as Your Compass

This bundle of two customer service training courses is brought to you by MRA, The Management Association. It is designed to help foodservice professionals overcome six common barriers among work teams and provides four quick and easy tips for building rapport with coworkers. The course also includes eight ways to be more positive at work. Additional focus is placed on the six essential elements of C.A.R.I.N.G. service, seven tips to help you make your customers feel valued and five ways to enhance your reputation for reliability.

Seat Time: 1.5 hours

Customer Service Skill Building for Managers

In this bundle of eight micro-learning courses, you will learn how to shape the direction of customer service in the food industry. Courses focus on how to provide high quality customer service, onboard new agents, manage remote customer service teams, inspire and motivate customer service representatives, and provide feedback to your representatives. You’ll also learn how to build a more satisfied customer base by using customer feedback to continually improve the quality of your service.

Seat Time: 1.3 hours

Customer Service Skill Building for Representatives

In this bundle of nine micro-learning courses, you will learn how to better understand foodservice industry customers and how to communicate with them. Courses cover a range of topics, including how to provide customer service internally, listening to your customers, understanding customer needs, developing your customer focus to keep customers informed, delivering great customer service and resolving customer complaints, confrontation and conflict.

Seat Time: 1.5 hours