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June 3, 2019

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP)—one of the most important certifications for those working in the hospitality industry—then now is the time! NAFEM’s CFSP program is here to encourage the professional development success for those in the foodservice equipment and supplies industry.

Because we know every person’s situation is different, we’ve expanded our offerings to help you prepare and ultimately achieve your certification with flying colors.

1) Calculate and get credits approved

The first step to achieving a certification is getting 35 credits of experience approved by NAFEM. Not sure how many credits you have? Use our Credit Accumulation Calculator to estimate your current credit total and create an account today to start uploading proof of credits as you complete them.

Once approved, you can purchase CFSP study materials and then take the Online Exam!

2) Find the right CFSP study bundle for you

We know everyone learns differently, that’s why NAFEM provides a variety of study bundles to match your unique learning preferences. We even rolled out more online opportunities to prepare for the exam like a digital study guide and online overview course. Whether you choose from our preset bundles or create your own CFSP study bundle with the a la carte options, you’re in good hands!

3) Take the exam at home or at NAFEM

In order to earn your official CFSP designation, you’ll have to pass the Online Exam with a score of 75% or higher. In order to accommodate a variety of needs, the Online Exam can be taken anytime from anywhere—you just need a laptop and a proctor to gain access to the NAFEM Learning Center’s online portal.

If you live near NAFEM’s Chicago headquarters, you can conveniently take the exam in our office and any member of the NAFEM staff can proctor the test. However, if you prefer to take the test in your hometown then we can help you find a local proctor. Just call us at +1.312.821.0201 or contact us here.

4) Join the CFSP Wall of Fame

Once you pass the Online Exam, you’ll get to proudly join the many industry professionals who’ve earned their CFSP certification on the CFSP Wall of Fame!

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