Mission & Purpose

Our mission: The enduring success of our members.

Founded in 1948, NAFEM represents 550+ foodservice equipment and supplies manufacturers, and is dedicated to spurring their success and forward progress. Our values, mission and purpose guide our operations to ensure that the organization moves continually forward, with and for its member companies. Read on to learn more.


We are dedicated to engaging our members in moving our industry ever forward.

We foster an environment that encourages learning, innovation and creativity.

We cultivate meaningful and progressive relationships with our members, industry partners and our mutual customers.

We demand honesty, integrity and respect for others.

about us - mission and purpose


To provide leadership to improve the global foodservice experience.



By June 2019, NAFEM will achieve record attendance satisfaction scores of exhibitors and attendees at its trade show and increase active member engagement in non-show activities.

In-depth insights

We know it’s a challenge to attract millennials to the E&S workforce. Here are a few stats about what they’re looking for ‒ and how you can improve.

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NAFEM’s Certified Foodservice Professional (CFSP) credential is one of the most recognizable symbols of excellence and achievement in the industry. And like highly-recognized certifications in any industry, recipients can keep their CFSP qualifications current by participating in point-earning activities.


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In the United States, wages are climbing  and unemployment is at its lowest rate in nearly 50 years. However, a healthy economy also means a tight labor market – especially for manufacturers. This intensified competition for top talent is complicated further by another factor: changing demographics. Baby boomers are retiring, and millennials now account for […]

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