5 Reasons to take advantage of The NAFEM Learning Center

NAFEM is proud to offer members the tools and resources to continue developing their businesses from every angle. The state-of-the-art NAFEM Learning Center is just one more way we’re helping our members do this.

The online hub of courses can be used to strengthen your own knowledge or that of your employees’ in a number of foodservice areas. From an introduction to foodservice to building customer rapport and learning to navigate negotiations, the courses are designed to be a flexible and interactive way to build knowledge and know-how.

Check out these five reasons you should take advantage today.

1. Personal growth

As the foodservice E&S industry continues to evolve, we must all grow with it. From remembering fundamentals to staying informed on new trends, honing our skills is an important step toward success—personally and professionally.   

Courses like Negotiation and Sales offer members the opportunity to practice overcoming road blocks that could potentially prevent you from reaching a collective resolution. The course dives into the basics of negotiating, different approaches and styles, identifying when you have leverage and how to reach a final agreement. All of which can be quite handy for someone in the foodservice industry!

2. Workforce development

Just like personal growth, developing your internal talent can be a big win with short and long-term benefits. For new hires and less experienced foodservice employees, an Introduction to the Foodservice Industry can be a valuable onboarding course.

By providing employees and associates with resources to build their knowledge, you’re more apt to see improved performance and increased company buy-in. Both of which can benefit your business’ bottom line.

3. Better customer service

At the end of the day, the foodservice E&S industry is about people. The people behind the menus, the recipes, the equipment and the innovations. No matter what role or title you may have, knowing how to effectively build trust and strengthen relationships can help you move forward.

The NAFEM Learning Center’s course on Building Customer Rapport is designed for practical, on-the-job training. And the lessons within it can help you or your employees gain repeat business and increased referrals—which is always in demand.

4. Increased success

It’s no secret that further training and employee education can lead to greater company success. So, investing in your employees and associates always pays off in the end. Whether those gains are in performance, sales, word of mouth or loyalty—they’re each a successful outcome your business benefits from.

5. New resources

The final reason to take advantage of the NAFEM Learning Center is new courses! While there are currently three programs for members to leverage, the Learning Center will continue to roll out new courses in the coming months and years to help build an even more robust and valuable library of educational resources for you and your business. In fact, let us know what kinds of courses you would like to see added by completing our education survey .

Whether you’ve been thinking about purchasing one of our current courses or you’re exploring the NAFEM Learning Center for the first time, these five reasons are just a few of the many pros for why you should take advantage of one of NAFEM’s newest resources today!