How Hamilton Beach Brands hit a sweet spot

July 10, 2019

The E&S industry is constantly evolving and changing to meet new foodservice trends and growing consumer demands. As part of our What’s Hot! What’s Cool! What Works! from The NAFEM Show 2019, we’re sharing how Hamilton Beach Brands helped Yogurtland satisfy customers for a 3% increase in sales with the SmartServeBlend in a Cup. 

When Yogurtland, a global frozen yogurt chain, saw an opportunity to add treats to their menu that could be sipped through a straw, they knew they needed a new mixing solution. By partnering up with Hamilton Beach Brands, the chain was able to install self-operated, accessible blending machines in two test locations.

What were those game changing blending machines they installed? They were the SmartServe Blend in Cup mixing equipment, which let guests create their own personalized yogurt blends from an assortment of ingredients. The SmartServe not only delivered an easy-to-use option for guests of all ages and abilities, but it could blend an infinite number of ingredient combinations—which is what people loved and expected from Yogurtland.

The new machines hit a sweet spot with consumers and improved the test locations’ year-over-year sales by three percent with no applied marketing. But best of all, the test proved consumers love the ability to create and blend their own unique treats! 


This spotlight is part of What’s Hot! What’s Cool! What Works! from the NAFEM Show 2019. Take a look at all the success stories highlighted at the show and stay tuned for more spotlights right here on our blog.


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