Executive vice president’s message – winter 2016/2017

December 10, 2016

It’s December, Oh My!!

Twas eight weeks before The NAFEM Show,
And all thru HQ,
We were hard at work planning,
With lots more to do.

Registration is growing,
2017 dues getting paid,
Booth space is 10 away from selling out (at press time),
man, we’ve got it made!

The Killers will entertain us,
Are you sure? Yes, it’s true.
Still many have asked,
Just what do they do?

I say – hey, “Mr. Brightside”
Do not despair.
“Somebody Told Me,” don’t worry,
Our rock star attendees will be there!

Enough of this poem,
It’s too hard to rhyme.
When what we really meant,
Was to say, thank you for a year so well spent.

To all we say thank you,
For all that you do.
To make NAFEM so fabulous,
And the industry leader too.

We wish you much peace,
Love and good cheer.
And look forward to seeing you,
In Orlando next year!

Deirdre T. Flynn, CFSP
NAFEM Executive Vice President

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