DOE extends test procedure interim waiver process comment deadline to July 15; proposal cites NAFEM input

June 25, 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has extended the public comment period on a proposed rule to update its interim waiver process. The new deadline is July 15.

NAFEM is in the process of providing member input on the proposed rule to address delays in the current process and will submit comments by the revised deadline.

DOE’s proposal responds to information supplied by members during a NAFEM-led regulatory burden roundtable meeting in October 2017. It’s clear that DOE listened to member feedback that the current process can cause “significant delays for manufacturers in bringing new and innovative products to market.”

Under the proposal, if DOE doesn’t notify the applicant of its decision on the waiver request within 30 business days, the waiver will be automatically granted. However, if DOE eventually reviews and denies the waiver request, or recommends an alternate test procedure, companies will have 180 days to comply with these requirements.


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