Best content of 2018: The NAFEM Show edition

January 17, 2019

You already know The NAFEM Show is the only industry trade show dedicated exclusively to foodservice equipment and supplies. Not to mention over 600 exhibitors and 20,000 foodservice professionals attended in 2017!

But if you’ve ever wondered just what exactly it is your customers (and peers) are itching to learn more about, look no further; we have the answers for you right here. We’ve gathered up the most popular blogs and downloads from and aggregated them for your reading pleasure. With an audience of thousands of foodservice operators, we’re sure this list of our most popular reads from the 2018 will give you some valuable insight into the minds of your customers, peers and prospects as we get ready for this year’s upcoming show.

Our top blog posts

For bite-size tips, tricks or news on the latest trends, our readers often turn to blog posts for quick and actionable insights. Here’s what they couldn’t get enough of in 2018.

Trend watch: What’s new with grab-and-go?

Quick, convenient and cost-effective, grab-and-go meals and snacks have become a staple of everyday dining. With this unprecedented rise in impulse purchasing, it’s no wonder foodservice operators are anxious to stay ahead of the latest foodservice trend. Check out some rules of thumb today’s operators are following to experience more success with their grab-and-go offerings.


What are you looking for? Attendees from our 2017 show speak out

Foodservice pros love The NAFEM Show, but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself why buyers, brokers, restaurateurs, operators and more attend The NAFEM Show year after year.


The “five Ms” of successful foodservice facility design

When it comes to starting up a restaurant, café or other foodservice facility, you know it’s all about the presentation, baby. For foodservice operators, it’s not always easy to grasp the complexity associated with facility design and all the steps necessary before diving into a specific location or theme idea. This guide is meant to demystify that process.

Our top downloads

Sometimes it takes more than a single blog to cover all of the ground we need to cover to help readers step up their foodservice game. Check out our top downloads from the past year below.

The ultimate E&S trend recap

Created to help set operators of all experience levels up for success, this guide provides buying tips for everything from food preparation equipment to serving equipment, furnishings, décor and more.


Small is the new big: Strategies for turning small spaces into powerhouse performers 

It’s no secret that small spaces are gaining popularity. With a growing abundance of food trucks and boutique restaurants, foodservice operators need help turning their small spaces into powerhouse performers. See what tips they’re following in this guide.


Value war battle guide: Foodservice E&S to help you win

Today’s consumers interpret value in many different ways – even if the price tag is higher. Food volume, personalization, and lifestyle preferences like farm-to-table food all fall under the value umbrella. Here’s how today’s foodservice operators are arming themselves to win the value war.


12 stats for healthcare foodservice

From cutting costs to helping patients “dine with dignity,” healthcare foodservice is as demanding and multifaceted as it gets. From changing patient preferences to shrinking budgets of medical facilities, foodservice operators are using this information to meet diner demands in a changing healthcare landscape.


16 need-to-know statistics for C&U foodservice

Cafeteria burgers and fries? Not necessarily. In this guide, we compiled a list of some of the year’s most telling college and university foodservice-related statistics – and how foodservice operators can address them through foodservice E&S strategies.


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