When it comes to smallwares, help your operators know their numbers

Purchasing smallwares is no easy feat. Whether opening a new location, remodeling an old one or simply restocking, estimating the right quantities to purchase can be challenging for anyone. That’s why we’ve pulled together the must-have list of smallwares to have on hand according to NAFEM members of all sizes and concepts.

Find your restaurant or facility type below and get to know the go-to numbers when ordering smallwares.

If yourclient owns or orders smallwares for a bakery, this hand dandy checklist on recommended requirements is what they need. It covers receiving, storage and food preparation needs.

Check out which items are recommended for a buffet that seats 200 people. This list covers smallware must-haves for receiving, storage, food prep, cooking and serving.

Does your client need 6 vegetable peelers or 10? Take a look at this list to see just how many of each smallware item is recommended for a cafeteria that caters up to 200 diners.

If you’re not sure how many plates, bowls, saucers or so are needed, then this list has your answer. The recommendations are based on the smallware needs for serving 75 guests.

Fast Food Restaurant
From salad prep to food baskets to fryer station needs and cleaning supplies, here’s the smallwares quantities to know for fast food and QSR restaurants.

Fine Dining Restaurant
Use this checklist as a guide when ordering smallwares for a higher end restaurant. It covers items you may need in the kitchen, at the bar and everywhere in between.

Pizza Restaurant
Take a look at this list of smallware items for pizza joints that seat up to 75 diners. Sections like dough preparation, sauce pans and pizza ovens can be super helpful.

Finally, here’s a recommendation for all the smallware items to have on hand for a restaurant space that serves up to 100 guests. This list is applicable to a wide range of restaurants too!