Syncing Five Generations in the Workplace

Millennials and GenZ-ers are now the largest generations in our workforce. The disconnect between leaders and their teams is adversely impacting succession planning productivity for hybrid and remote teams and retaining top sales talent. Mark Altman, founder of MindsetGo, takes you through some scenarios and provides solutions in this mind-shifting session.

Mark provides simple, actionable strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, retention and engagement of your multi-generational workforce. You’ll:
• Learn how to support your leadership and your respective teams to break old, familiar patterns
• Discover ways to build a company culture where people take initiative and are motivated and passionate about their jobs and companies
• Hear how to influence people’s thoughts and feelings
• Identify actions to overcome the hurdles of re-engineering your organization to drive business performance and maintain the cohesiveness of your culture – both inside and outside your walls.