Engage and contribute to NAFEM’s Working Groups

NAFEM has shifted its committee structure from broadly defined committees to more specialized working groups. We’ve targeted member engagement and outreach, education and training, advocacy and industry collaborations, and established working groups that more specifically map to NAFEM projects. Take a look at the full working group list with descriptions and the sign-up form and let us know if you see an area where you can engage and contribute. When volunteering, you’re committing to the duration of the project. NAFEM committees always primarily met virtually, and that continues, with face-to-face meetings as/if necessary and when appropriate. Please give us your #1, #2 and #3 choices when reviewing opportunities so we can best match you to a group based on your interests and talents!

.The ideas and information-sharing that comes out of NAFEM members collaborating at the working level are critical to the growth and success of the organization. And don’t forget – serving NAFEM on a working group earns your company priority points toward the space draw for The NAFEM Show.

Please reach out to me (dflynn@nafem.org, +1.312.821.0209); or Celeste Fuchs, NAFEM’s member engagement manager (cfuchs@nafem.org, +312.821.0223) with any questions.