Taxes, Tariffs & Trade

Congressional small business committee supports action on “business activity” taxes

This bipartisan action, somewhat uncommon in an election year, is a welcome development. Legislation to make clear that states cannot […]


NAFEM campaigns to rein in state “business activity” taxes

Bills to clarify that states can impose these “business activity” taxes – essentially a form of income tac – only […]


New congress moving on several trade issues

The House Ways & Means Committee has asked the Department of Commerce (DOC) to delay an action that would change […]


Congress moving to head off proliferation of state business activity taxes

Over the summer, all NAFEM members were urged to write their congressional representatives in support of the full house vote […]


Byrd Amendment repealed – with two year delay

The Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act of 2002, known as the Byrd Amendment, re-routes duties collected by the U.S. […]


International trade issues high on NAFEM Washington agenda

In 2001, the response to NAFEM’s request, the Bush Administration exempted stainless steel sheet and strip from Section 201 tariffs […]


Steel tariffs hurting other industries, early repeal sought

Many small manufacturers, such as those in the machine tool industry, are being hurt by the tariffs and the resulting […]


Steep tariffs announced on many steel products; stainless sheet and strip remain exempt

Stainless rod and stainless bar are subject to tariffs of 15 percent the first year, 12 percent the second year, […]


ITC recommends tariffs on most steel, but stainless largely exempt

Stainless steel sheet and strip was exempted from the ITC investigation, under section 201 of U.S. trade law, as the […]