Amplifying members’ voices

NAFEM regularly joins forces with other organizations to advance the industry’s perspective with elected and appointed officials. Highlights of recent outreach follow:

NAFEM, along with hundreds of trade associations and local Chambers of Commerce, formed the Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reform This Year (LIBERTY) Campaign, to call upon Congress to enact measures in 2023 to improve the border and our legal immigration system. “Companies are experiencing significant workforce shortages despite their sizable investments in expanding U.S. talent pipelines. As a result, companies of all sizes and across a host of industries are wrestling with the myriad problems caused by their inability to adequately tap into global talent to meet their workforce needs,” LIBERTY wrote in a letter to Congress. “When it comes to individual priorities, our organizations may differ, but the one thing we agree on is that another year of inaction on border security and legal immigration reform is not an acceptable option.”