March ‘23 at-a-glance … supply chain

Secretary of Commerce shares vision for U.S. as semiconductor powerhouse

“The U.S. can again become the technological superpower, securing our economic and national security for the coming decades,” according to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. Speaking at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Raimondo spoke on the CHIPS (Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors) and Science Act that provides about $280 billion in new funding to boost domestic research and manufacturing of semiconductors in the U.S. She shared three overarching objectives of the initiative:

  1. Design and produce the world’s most advanced chips.
  2. Develop multiple high-volume advanced packaging facilities and become a leader in global packaging technologies.
  3. Strategically increase production capacity for the current-generation and mature-mode chips most critical to U.S. economic and national security.

“We will be the premier destination in the world where new leading-edge chip architectures can be invented in our research labs, designed for every end-use application, manufactured at scale and packaged with the most advanced technologies,” Raimondo said.