August ’22 at-a-glance … energy

DOE progresses review of energy conservation standards/test procedures

Although it is months behind the schedule announced in the Dec. 2021 Unified Agenda, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is making progress on its commitment to review energy conservation standards and test procedures for automatic commercial ice makers, walk-in coolers/freezers and commercial refrigeration equipment. Here’s where each currently stand.

Automatic commercial ice makersAmended test proceduresComments accepted through Feb. 22
Energy conservation standardsNAFEM submitted comments June 7
Walk-in coolers/freezersAmended test proceduresComments accepted through June 21
Energy conservation standardsNAFEM to submit comments by Aug. 29 deadline
Commercial refrigeration equipmentAmended test procedures  NAFEM to submit comments on both by deadline. NAFEM also requested that DOE include its CRE Engineering Spreadsheet in the docket and provide a 30-day extension from the date this is added for both amended test procedures and energy conservation standards comments. In response, DOE added the spreadsheets Aug. 18, but did not extend the comment deadline.

ENERGY STAR® updates

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers Version 5.0 is now in effect. Certification bodies may only certify to this specification, but they can submit administrative modifications to existing certifications using Version 4.0 until Dec. 21. After then, Version 5.0 is in full effect.

Massachusetts issues draft commercial appliance standards

Massachusetts’ Department of Energy Resources (DOER) released a draft Guideline Interpreting 225 CMR 9.00 Appliance Efficiency Standards. Covered products include commercial hot-food holding cabinets, ovens, dishwashers, fryers and steam cookers. Comments are due by Aug. 30. DOER will issue final guidelines before Jan. 1, 2023.