EPA issues Final Rule on HFC phase down

U.S. hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) production and imports are slated to be cut by 85 percent over 15 years from 2011-2013 baselines, according to a Final Rule issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Sept. 23 Final Rule implements the American Innovation & Manufacturing Act’s requirements and aligns with the global Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. Additional details, including a phase down schedule and specifics on individual HFCs are included in an EPA fact sheet.

EPA officials said they would issue a Federal Register notice by Oct. 1 outlining companies’ initial allocations. By Oct. 10, the agency plans to begin addressing restrictions on specific end users.

Biden administration officials also announced an interagency enforcement effort, including the EPA, Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security, to ensure that imports comply with the new rule. The AIM Act also authorizes EPA to address how to best maximize HFC reclamation and minimizing releases from equipment, and to facilitate the transition to next-generation technologies. NAFEM will continue to monitor these future activities.