February at-a-glance…taxes, tariffs & trade

New UKCA mark now required on certain products for U.K. market

Following the United Kingdom’s (U.K.) departure from the European Union (EU) the EU and U.K. have put in place a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) enabling tariff-free passage of goods. The TCA calls for a UKCA (U.K. Conformity Assessed) mark on products subject to U.K. legislation, similar to the CE mark required on products subject to E.U. legislation. Essentially, products previously requiring the CE mark for sale in the U.K. now must have the UKCA mark. The marks are required on gas appliances, measuring instruments and other items. Products can include both marks if they concurrently comply with E.U. and U.K. regulations. Intertek offers a detailed compliance guide and UL has a comprehensive FAQ site.