USMCA facilitates broader use of ASTM standards

When the USMCA goes into effect July 1, it introduces a new playing field for standards development organizations. While the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) narrowly defined what constituted an approved international standards body, the USMCA allows the three countries to consider international standards based on the quality and attributes of the standards, rather than which organization developed them.

“Written in USMCA’s chapter on technical barriers to trade, this new position reflects a 2003 decision by World Trade Organization members. Compliance with this commitment in USMCA should bring about Mexico’s removal of barriers to acceptance and use of ASTM International standards such as those developed by ASTM’s Committee on Food Service Equipment (F26),” said Craig Updyke, director of global policy and international trade at ASTM International .

Members with questions about the USMCA’s impact on international standards can email Craig.