IMPORTANT TRADE UPDATE re: China Negotiations and USMCA

  • Last week, the White House announced a Phase One trade deal with China.
  • The new agreement leaves the current 25 percent Section 301 tariffs on Lists 12 and 3 untouched – the tariffs that most substantially impact NAFEM members.
  • The agreement also reduces the tariffs on List 4A from 15 percent to 7.5 percent. List 4A tariffs primarily impact the smallwares side of the industry.
  • The new agreement also further postpones the planned Dec. 15 List 4B tariffs, which largely affect consumer electronics and apparel, i.e., holiday gifts.
  • Additional details, including customs instructions, will be provided when the agreement is published in the Federal Register.
  • NAFEM is watching for more information and will share the details when they become available.