Review pending for DOE test procedures and efficiency standards

In early 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is scheduled to review test procedures for automatic commercial ice makers (ACIM), commercial refrigeration equipment (CRE) and walk-in coolers/freezers (WIC/F). Also in 2020, DOE will determine whether to amend the current energy efficient standards for CRE and WIC/F. Review of the ACIM energy efficiency standards is scheduled for 2021.

Earlier, NAFEM and others provided feedback to the DOE on its proposed Process Rule to address current delays in requests for interim waivers and other topics. According to Tammy Helminski, on NAFEM’s legal counsel team at Barnes & Thornburg, “We are hopeful that EPA will first finalize the Process Rule to confirm whether the test-procedure revisions will be completed before energy-efficiency standards are reviewed. The revised Process Rule will also confirm whether DOE will use a specific metric to determine what is a ‘significant energy savings’ as required under statue to justify revised energy-efficiency standards.”