NAFEM secures additional exclusions from China import tariffs

Through its comments submitted to and testimony before the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), NAFEM helped secure 41 product exclusions from the final List 1 and List 2 of the Section 301 25-percent tariffs on items imported from China. Items excluded from the tariffs include air purifiers powered by compressed air; hand-cleaning/sanitizing dispensers; control boards for stoves, ranges and ovens; some thermometers; some iron and steel parts; and a variety of other items. Additionally, NAFEM secured the removal of multiple component and finished goods from List 3.

In its testimony and written comments, NAFEM shared that certain components imported from China are not readily available from other sources and are essential to produce U.S.-manufactured equipment and supplies. NAFEM also shared that some items are shop tools or finished goods manufactured in China for the U.S. marketplace and should not be subject to tariffs.

The USTR announced several rounds of product exclusions over the past few months. The complete list of List 1 and List 2 product exclusions on items NAFEM advocated to have removed from the Section 301 tariffs are available here.

Specifically, the USTR recently announced the final items on List 4 subject to 10-percent tariffs have been separated into List 4A, effective Sept. 1, and List 4B, effective Dec. 15.

Additionally, the USTR also has announced an exclusion process for items on List 3 of the Section 301 tariffs on Chinese imports. List 3 includes about 6,000 items subject to 25 percent import tariffs. The USTR created a new online portal for exclusion requests, which must be submitted before Sept. 30.

More information on continued U.S.-China negotiations is included below in What We’re Watching.