Work continues to measure and reduce NOx emissions

Following up on preliminary information shared last month, NAFEM has confirmed that California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) has temporarily placed on hold standards to reduce NOx emissions from charbroilers and other appliances while it sunsets the RECLAIM (Regional Clean Air Incentives Market) program.

However, in anticipation of the state returning its attention to NOx and other emission reduction efforts in the near future, GTI (Gas Technology Institute) continues its work measuring NOx emissions from burners in both the manufacturing environment and in their lab. The SCAQMD also recently awarded GTI a $220,000 grant to develop a high-efficiency, low-NOx prototype fryer.

GTI’s NOx-related work has been prioritized and funded by Utilization Technology Development (UTD), a non-profit corporation led by 20 gas utilities across the U.S. UTD is a member-controlled partnership of natural gas distribution companies formed to conduct near-term applied research and to develop, test and deploy energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, end-use technologies.

“It’s impressive and important that commercial foodservice equipment manufacturers, restaurant owners, gas utilities, GTI and others collaborate to find solutions to reduce NOx emissions,” said Frank Johnson, research and development manager, commercial foodservice at GTI. “The fact that people recognize we’re all in this together bodes well for future regulations, as well as the future of the industry, our communities and our planet.”

Frank also shared information on another, related trend: “We’re seeing more conversation about indoor air quality and the need for better ventilation systems in both the commercial and residential markets.” This topic was recently discussed in the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. It’s also related to the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (Cal/OSHA) consideration of a proposed indoor heat-related illness regulation.

“GTI is a resource for NAFEM members looking to develop and bring to market more energy efficient products,” added Frank. “Members should feel free to contact me anytime with questions or ideas, +1.847.768.0670, or”