Additional Chinese import tariffs proposed; respond by May 30

On May 13, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released List 4 of approximately $300 billion in Chinese imports on which it proposes to impose tariffs of up to 25 percent. To request exclusions from this list, your input is urgently needed. It is expected that tariffs on these items will become effective soon after the comment period.

What should NAFEM members do?

  • As quickly as possible, review List 4 and consider:
    • what product categories, i.e., HTSUS Subheadings or types of products on List 4, your company is most concerned with; and
    • why you are concerned, e.g., approximate cost/revenue effect on your business if 25% tariffs are imposed, supply-chain effects, disruption of business relations, etc.? (Please be aware that confidential business information can be submitted under seal to USTR.)
    • if your company wants to participate (present a statement) at the hearing; and
    • if your company will file comments.

NAFEM’s initial view of the HTSUS codes, with potential concerns [pp. 51-120] highlighted in yellow, can be viewed here. You may choose to review this copy and add/delete items from it by sending your comments to NAFEM as directed below.

NAFEM will submit comments on behalf of the industry. If you wish to contribute to NAFEM’s comments, submit your input to Charlie Souhrada, +1.312.821.0212, by Thursday, May 30.

What is NAFEM’s position?

NAFEM maintains these additional tariffs will raise the cost of inputs for members’ products that could impact U.S. jobs, which is directly contrary to the Administration’s stated priority of increasing good-paying U.S. manufacturing jobs. Smart, economically competitive sourcing from global suppliers, including those in China, allows members to control costs, protect and even expand U.S. jobs.