Member Spotlight

GrinOn Industries dba Bottoms Up Beer

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Member since: 2018
Industry: Serving equipment, draft beer equipment

When and how did your business get started?

Bottoms Up started 10 years ago in a garage in Aberdeen, WA after our founder and CEO, Josh Springer, found himself constantly waiting to get a drink at the bar instead of actually enjoying the bar. Today, we ship to 30+ countries with 10 employees.

What do you love most about the foodservice E&S industry?

Being able to come into the industry and disrupt with new technology is pretty amazing. People are afraid of us and what we are building.

Bottoms up products on a metal table.

“The bottom line is that businesses are wasting beer and the customer is not satisfied – we’re here to change that.”

What do you find most challenging about the foodservice E&S industry?

Getting people to move away from their old-school ways and adopt new technology is challenging. We’ve seen industry trends slow down the evolution of Bottoms Up because we get boxed as a novelty.

What excites you about joining NAFEM?

We’re pumped about getting exposure to the restaurant industry and showing that we aren’t a fluke—we aren’t going anywhere.

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