Executive vice president’s report — winter 2018

Year end reminders…and thank you’s!

It used to be that the time between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays was what we commonly referred to as “clean-up” time – you got programs wrapped up, 2018 files cleaned up and tucked away, 2019 files organized and started, and we’re just ready for the calendar to turn.

Not so much anymore.  Some of that, from NAFEM calendar perspective, was easier when the trade show was in the fall.  Now, that time is chock-full of year-end, year-forward and just plain day-to-day chaos.  Here are some helpful reminders as we look to the new year.

  • 2019 dues must be paid by January 4, to allow everything to go smoothly for your booth set up in Orlando in February. If you haven’t re-upped yet, you got a notice on Dec. 10, and you’ll get another one on Dec. 17.  Notices and payments are all electronic, so watch your inbox. Please.
  • If you are CFSP, please get your account up-to-date – which means dues paid through 2019, and maintenance points added through 2018 – to be included on the CFSP Wall of Fame at the show. When you log into your account on the NAFEM website and go to the CFSP tab, it tells you exactly what’s missing.  This needs to be completed by December 31.
  • If you haven’t marked your calendar for the Annual Business Meeting, Feb. 6, at the convention center in Orlando, please make a note to have your company represented. Why?  Well, you get a priority point for participating, and, NAFEM bestows its highest honors (President’s Award and William W. Carpenter Award) to deserving NAFEM and industry talent.
  • You’ve been so patient with us as we revamp the committee process… we’ll explain more about that at the Annual Business Meeting along with how to engage.

It’s been a busy, fun-filled, adventuresome year, and we’d be remiss not to offer a few shout-outs:

  • Shout-out #1 — to our members, for making NAFEM’s 70th year one of increased engagement and networking.
  • Shout-out #2 – again, to our members, specifically our Advocacy Team, the Technical Liaison and Government Relations Committees, our allied Advocacy partners, and our members who so generously have given them time to make your voices heard in state and federal regulatory and legislative circles. Having a seat at the table, sharing information with us on a moment’s notice for us to build a case for or against an action, has made a difference.
  • Shout-out #3 – you guessed it – to our members, for making the The NAFEM Show in 2019 our largest ever. We’re so excited to see all the new products, the innovation and enthusiasm your companies bring to market for three glorious days in February.
  • Shout-out #4 – To our channel partners – CFESA, FCSI, FEDA and MAFSI – for helping to create and support the first-ever E&S Industry Summit, and for the continued dialogue on how we can collaborate to keep moving our industry forward. We all collectively want to increase access to education, talent, leadership development and networking.
  • Shout-out #5 – to your board and officers. Yes, you elect them, and you expect them to work hard on your behalf, but you should be proud of this group of 16 leaders.  They’ve got your back.
  • Shout-out #6 – to the NAFEM team. You hear all the time that it takes a village, and it certainly does.  From our headquarters experts to our key partners in finance, legal, show management, IT, infrastructure support and more, it’s all good.

From all of us at NAFEM HQ, and on behalf of the NAFEM service family, thank you for all you do for us.  May your holidays bring you much peace and relaxation, and here’s to an action-packed 2019!

Deirdre T. Flynn, CFSP
NAFEM Executive Vice President