Member Spotlight

BlueWater USA INC.

Member since: 2018
Industry: Water purification

When and how did your business get started?

Bluewater USA, Inc. was launched in 2013 by Swedish environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri with a single vision in mind: to restore our planet, clean our oceans and improve human health. As a leading global innovator in drinking water solutions, Bluewater filtration systems provide local, point-of-use purified water for drinking, washing or cleaning – eliminating the need to use and transport containers that pollute our oceans and the water and food we ingest. Bluewater harnesses human ingenuity to create and offer the most advanced water purifying technology for commercial and residential use, including solutions designed to move the food service industry forward.

What do you love most about the foodservice E&S industry?

For us, it’s about having a purpose-driven focus on delivering quality to our end users across the foodservice spectrum – and making this happen by achieving real results through innovative approaches. Our water purifiers will even remove the single-use plastic particles now found in the water coming out of our taps – a huge and positive impact which makes us incredibly proud. When it comes down to it, what truly drives us is enhancing people’s health by bringing our specialized purified water expertise to the clients we serve.

Two water purifiers by Bluewater.

“We see ourselves as being endlessly adaptable when it comes to helping customers work smarter, not harder.”

What do you find most challenging about the foodservice E&S industry?

There appears to be low awareness of the benefits of using purified water, despite water quality being challenged more frequently. We see ourselves as being endlessly adaptable when it comes to helping customers work smarter, not harder. So we would love to see more focus within the foodservice industry on investing in new, but proven, water purification innovation that contributes to the bottom line.

As a new member, what are you looking to gain by joining NAFEM?

We’re very excited to gain access to such a fabulous and expansive network of foodservice E&S manufacturers and operators. Achieving our vision means tapping into the skills, energy, confidence, professionalism and positive emotions of our highly professional food service partners – so of course, we were attracted to NAFEM.