NAFEM Data Protocol (NDP)

May 21, 2018

What is the NAFEM Data Protocol?

The NAFEM Data Protocol (NDP) is a non-proprietary technology standard that outlines bi-directional data communication between commercial foodservice equipment and computing devices. It is intended to help operators by providing a recipe to automate essential, management processes such as: asset management; food safety monitoring and recording; energy consumption; inventory management; labor utilization; maintenance and diagnostics; and other administrative functions.

How do you use NDP?

To use NDP Version 3.0, download these materials:
1) NDP Version 3.0 – an outline of the basic data structure
2) NDP Application Note – implementation and data transfer guidance
3) NDP System and Security Best Practices – a starting point to address digital security issues

Additional resources

Other helpful materials include:

Management Information Bases (MIBs) — formatted for downloading directly to a programming compiler

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Protocol Users Manual Version 2.1 — released November 2003

Protocol Standard Version 2.0 — basic outline

NAFEM – ARTS Protocol Converter


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