Energy efficient equipment rebate offers

June 14, 2019

Energy efficiency continues to be a top trend in the foodservice industry, and with good reason. After all, the potential of energy efficient upgrades like greener kitchen equipment can mean more than big energy savings—they can mean big cost savings.

To help incentivize your customers to make the switch, use the following four resources to find available rebates and offers.

1) Find rebates and special offers near you

If your customers are looking to buy or replace equipment with the ENERGY STAR label, they’re already on the right track. ENERGY STAR certified products meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the US, and their rebate finder helps save money while protecting our planet.


2) Look at rebates for California programs

The California Energy Wise Foodservice Equipment (CEW) is dedicated to helping foodservice professionals find ways to save money and reduce operating costs. Their list of current rebates is constantly updated with the latest qualifying models of ovens, fryers, griddles, steam cookers, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, broilers, dishwashers and more.


3) Discover state and federal incentives

Find available policies and incentives for your customers with the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. DSIRE® allows you to explore US Federal and state programs that offer grants, bonds, guarantees, credits and more. All of which can help increase the total cost savings that come with installing or replacing energy efficient equipment.


4) Explore the Commercial Kitchens Initiative

Whether your customers are looking for energy efficient equipment for electric cooking, gas cooking, refrigeration or sanitation — CEE Commercial Kitchens Program provides summaries to help foodservice professionals meet their savings target. CEE carefully documents the number of programs promoting high efficiency commercial kitchen equipment along with current specifications and incentive levels.


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