How to elevate the dining experience

July 29, 2019

Diners everywhere have become a much more sophisticated crowd. With the rise of Instagram-worthy plates and global flavor infusions, creativity and innovation have become a norm in the foodservice industry.

Today, we explore a few ways that foodservice equipment and supplies can be a part of creating more memorable experiences for all types of diners. From plate presentation to a space’s setup, see how you can help clients elevate their dining experience.


Restaurant guests continue to crave more and more these days, wanting to feel immersed in the culinary experience. Open kitchens, kitchens in the middle of restaurants, counter seating and even chef’s tables have become a norm across the country.

One thing owners have to consider when giving guests a better view of the kitchen is the equipment and supplies used within it though. While all eyes will mainly be on the chefs, it’s safe to say they’ll be scanning everything in view. This is where operators and supply chain partners can help restaurants find a happy balance between function and aesthetics to delight diners—and employees.


Just like on a plate, presentation is everything. Small design tweaks can have a big impact on a restaurant or facility’s bottom line. Mirrors can help enlarge smaller rooms. Lighting can help create a more intimate and inviting feel to big spaces. Even table decor and plating can elevate the experience to create those Instagrammable moments.

For owners and operators looking to renovate, the investment could be worthwhile. Enhancing the flow of a restaurant or revamping the infrastructure could lower operating costs and increase efficiencies. A renovation not only allows business owners to reevaluate where they’re spending money though, it also gives them an opportunity to elevate the experience—which in turn will increase demand and revenue!


While decor and aesthetics are a big part of elevating a space, it’s important to keep function in mind. We mentioned how this can come into play when incorporating open kitchens, where owners should strive to create a beautiful kitchen that works just as beautifully for those in it.

Outside of the kitchen though, things like seating, floor layouts and even artwork can go a long way toward improving the dining experience. When it comes to seating, think about how long a client wants guests to stay. For longer engagements, use extra padding that’s comfortable for longer periods of sitting. For floor layouts, think about how a room is set up and what types of tables or supplies can help clients satisfy diners from start to finish.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re elevating a small cafe, the banquet room of a hotel or a college cafeteria. The goal should always be to create the most enjoyable experience for every customer.


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