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August 27, 2019

2020 ENERGY STAR Award Applications are Available!

The 2020 ENERGY STAR Award Applications are available! Each year the U.S. EPA and the DOE honor organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protect the environment through energy efficiency. Applications are due in early December, so we encourage you to begin preparing as soon as possible! To begin working on your application, please visit the ENERGY STAR website.

Save the date for ENERGY STAR Day on October 22, 2019! ENERGY STAR Day is an annual campaign that brings together the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its partners, as well as individuals across the country, in a celebration of energy efficiency. More information will be available in the ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service Summer 2019 Newsletter.

ENERGY STAR® Commercial Food Service Specification Updates:
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regularly updates ENERGY STAR product specifications. The following information includes some helpful reminders as you prepare for upcoming specification changes and manage your inventory of ENERGY STAR certified products.

 Recent and upcoming specification activities include:

  • ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers Draft 2 Version 3.0

EPA released the ENERGY STAR Commercial Dishwashers Draft 1 Version 3.0 specification on April 3, 2019. The Version 3.0 specification proposes the introduction of a wash energy metric, amendments to the current ENERGY STAR criteria levels, scope changes, and updates to the referenced test methods. Draft 2 is expected for publication and comment this summer. For more information on activities performed to date in preparation for this revision, please visit the product development webpage

  •  ENERGY STAR Commercial Ovens

Product specification development is underway for commercial ovens. Draft 1 v3.0 expected release is in winter 2019. As a separate but related effort, ENERGY STAR is scoping induction stovetop technology.

MESA Accounts
The ENERGY STAR CFS Team encourages partners to check the My ENERGY STAR Accounts (MESA) tool and confirm the contact information on file is accurate. Updating MESA profiles ensures the program has the correct contacts for outreach and mass mailer notifications. Partners can update their MESA accounts on ENERGY STAR’s website, here.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email

2019 Work Plan
As a reminder, the 2019 ENERGY STAR Product Development Work Plan is publicly available. The Work Plan outlines the annual plans for product specification revisions and new product specifications. To stay up to date on upcoming product specification revisions and new product specifications, please visit the 2019 Work Plan, here.

Data Submissions
The ENERGY STAR Commercial Food Service (CFS) team highlights the ENERGY STAR Standard Operating Procedure on revising and establishing product specifications that includes information on data sharing:

“EPA’s ENERGY STAR specification process is data driven. Proposed levels tend to be based on data associated with existing certified models, as well as new data offered by manufacturer partners and other stakeholders during the specification development process. EPA also considers other data sources when evaluating potential ENERGY STAR requirements. These datasets include those developed by the DOE and other research and regulatory bodies. EPA shares the data on which the Agency relies, though often in masked form to honor manufacturer requests, with all stakeholders. Establishing requirements that reflect the performance of the highest efficiency models available sometimes requires the Agency to go beyond the data at hand and anticipate the market. To this end, EPA relies on insights, shared by stakeholders and partners, that help the Agency anticipate important trends in the market and establish ENERGY STAR requirements that will effectively differentiate the more efficient models for purchasers when the specification takes effect.” (Source: ENERGY STAR SOP located here.)

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