Member Spotlight

Member spotlight – Donper USA

Member since: 2018Industry: Food preparation equipmentWebsite: Donper USA started over 15 years ago, supplying North America with our soft serve and […]


Member spotlight – Power Knot LLC

Member since: 2018Industry: Waste handlingWebsite: Iain Milnes founded Power Knot in 2009 with the goal of developing waste solutions that make […]


Member spotlight – GrinOn Industries dba Bottoms Up Beer

Member since: 2018Industry: Serving equipment, draft beer equipmentWebsite: Bottoms Up started 10 years ago in a garage in Aberdeen, WA after […]


Member spotlight – Berg Company

Member since: 2018Industry: Bar management technologyWebsite: For more than 50 years Berg has been supplying customers with the most technologically advanced […]


Member spotlight – New York Brick Oven Company

Member since: 2018Industry: Primary cooking equipment, brick ovensWebsite: We started around 1993 building brick ovens and pizza restaurants. It was always […]


Member spotlight – Paragon International, Inc.

Member since: 2018Industry: Concession equipment and suppliesWebsite: We’re a family-owned business that got its start with the development and introduction of […]


Member spotlight – Fuji Electric

Member since: 2019Industry: BeverageWebsite: With headquarters in Japan, Fuji Electric began developing power electronics equipment in 1923, and has been in […]


Member spotlight – Wasatch Co.

Member since: 2019Industry: Commercial kitchen equipment and foodservice textilesWebsite: Wasatch Co. started in 1978 by supplying bar towels and other textile […]


Member spotlight – Wilmax USA

Member since: 2019Industry: Serving equipment, smallwares, cookware & kitchen toolsWebsite: We started in 2006 in Europe. In 2015, we officially crossed […]


Member spotlight – Detroit Radiant Products Company

Member since: 2019Industry: Patio HeatersWebsite: Detroit Radiant Products was established in 1955 and is in its third generation as a family-owned […]