Amplifying member’s voices

NAFEM regularly joins forces with other organizations to advance the industry’s perspective with elected and appointed officials. Highlights of recent efforts follow:

  • NAFEM joined 104 organizations in a letter that called on Congress to defeat tax hikes on individually and family-owned businesses proposed in the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Framework. “The higher tax rates included in the Framework would harm tens of thousands of modestly sized family businesses located across the country…Congress should avoid policies that harm main street employers at any time, but particularly at this difficult moment in our nation’s history,” the letter said.
  • NAFEM also joined 99 organizations in a letter to the House Committee on Ways and Means to reject proposed changes to the grantor trust and valuation rules in the Build Back Better Act. “Individually and family-owned businesses are the cornerstone of the American economy. They represent nearly all businesses, employ the vast majority of private-sector workers, and are the building block upon which innumerable communities across this country are built. Many individual and family business owners, including family businesses with ownership shares held in trust, will be directly harmed by the tax increases resulting from these proposals,” the letter said.