Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Essentials

Brought to you by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), the global standard in digital marketing courses and certifications.

During this course you’ll learn how:

  • How consumers think, feel and behave in this new digital age
  • Effective techniques to get your brand to work on digital platforms
  • How to create an online presence that people engage with
  • Which social platforms can help your brand travel further and better – and how to make it happen
  • How social media can be used as a new and effective customer service channel
  • The challenges, risks and reputational issues affecting organizations
  • Methods that help you take charge of your brand narrative and respond to challenges
  • The digital mindset and a new way to achieve business goals, and all kinds of tech tools and clever tactics to create, implement and measure effective digital campaigns.

You also receive six months of free DMI membership and the ability to receive the Foundation in Digital Marketing certification. This course offers knowledge and skills that can be applied to a range of careers in the foodservice industry.

Seat Time: 6 hours