AMA Business Skills for Leaders

American Management Association (AMA) has been transforming the way business professionals think and work. This bundle of AMA digital learning assets combines the ideal mix of business topics such organizational agility, communication, creative thinking, negotiation and strategy development and execution to build your leadership skills.

Courses include the following:

  • SEAL Approach to Building Organizational Agility
  • Communication Skills of a Credible Leader
  • Persuasive Communication Skills for Leaders
  • Enhancing Effectiveness through Diversity and Inclusion
  • Turning Resistance and Conflict into Collaboration and Consensus
  • Navigating Organizational Politics
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Five Phases of the Creativity-To-Innovation Process
  • Fostering Creativity and Innovation in Others
  • The Role of the Controller
  • Negotiating to Win
  • Crafting a Strategy for Your Negotiation
  • Strategy Execution: Elements of a Sound Strategy
  • Strategy Development and Execution: The ADEPTT Model
  • 2020 Insights – Blockchain/IoT
  • 2020 Insights – Big Data/AI

Seat Time: 8.5 hours